Rare Earth Elements

China manufactures about 70% of the planet’s rare earth magnets and efficiently controls 90 percent of the global market of raw materials utilized in generators and magnets, which power the modernizers’ everyday lives. The Chinese are notorious for their fair trade practices, and also the nation regularly overtakes the U.S. as the largest producer of rare earth minerals. Actually, a number of these minerals come in places in far-flung China states where infrastructure is lacking. It takes years of effort to mine enough rare earth minerals to make useful items. Lacking infrastructure, coupled with the widespread poverty that characterizes many rural locations, forces many companies to rely on less than ideal suppliers and raw materials.

One example of Chinese magnets widely utilized in military equipment is that the magnetic force propulsion system the Chinese developed during World War II. This system employs powerful, magnetized electromagnets to create propulsive force, and continues to be integrated into military programs which range from boats to jet airplanes. China also relies on rare earth magnets like iron, chromium and cobalt for its production of surgical equipment, nuclear power plants and other high tech applications. However, China does have some disadvantages when it comes to obtaining the raw materials needed to make these products. The country’s dependence on foreign suppliers, along with inadequate infrastructure, leaves China with a limited choice of raw materials.

Magnets for sale are an attractive alternative to conventional metallic components in the construction of high-tech gear and other modern applications. However, the Chinese magnets used in military applications aren’t as uniformly dispersed as those utilized in different programs. There is a variation in the strength of magnetic fields produced by magnets, which may cause equipment to become malfunctioning or even harmful. This has prompted the U.S. Navy to run magnet tests on its own ships, particularly if the boats are in close proximity to Chinese possessed reefs in the region.

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