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magnets available /neodymium-bar-magnets with powerful bar magnetsStrengths represented: Neodymium N50 with Pulling Force As much as over 450lbs. /neodymium-bar-magnets with powerful bar magnetsStrengths represented: Neodymium N52 with Pulling Force As much as over 600lbs. Strengths represented: Neodymium N52 with Pulling Force As much as over 600lbs. /neodymium-bar-magnets with neodymium block magnets Magnets had turned into ….  Read More

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underlying decommissioning obligations, but could provide to allow for cash-flow management and ultimately increase assurance that decommissioning obligations can be fulfilled without government expense. iv. Lease Continuation Through Operations This action was completed on June 9, 2017, when final rule 1014–AA35, “Oil and Gas and Sulphur Operations in the Outer Continental Shelf-Lease Continuation Through Operations,” ….  Read More

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applicable Federal laws, primarily the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) and the Endangered Species Act (ESA). While BOEM is responsible for ultimately issuing a permit to allow these activities to move forward, no seismic surveying can be done without MMPA authorization by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). For this reason, the issuance of certain ….  Read More

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subsequent decision to include a parcel in an oil and gas lease sale. This process provides studies. The BOEM promotes energy security, environmental protection and economic development through responsible, science-informed management of offshore conventional and renewable energy and mineral resources. The BOEM carries out these responsibilities while ensuring the receipt of fair market value for ….  Read More

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multiple opportunities to protest every step of the process of offering public lands for oil and gas leasing. To date, many state offices, such as CO, MT, NM, UT, and WY are receiving protests on 1 https://www.blm.gov/sites/blm.gov/files/EPCA_III_Inventory_Onshore_Federal_Oil_Gas.pdf; p. 42, 109. 17 every oil and gas parcel offered through the Notice of Competitive Lease Sale process. ….  Read More